Sunday, November 27, 2011

Large Batch cooking

Large batch cooking is my new thing. I adore it. When I was single 6 plus years ago I never cooked, well maybe on sunday  and a couple of breakfast meals. What I did was feed my kids tv dinners the healthy ones of course. I would eat sandwiches or just random junk because I had/have aversions to frozen foods. I am slowly getting over it but frozen pizza still makes my skin crawl.

So when I met my husband he was/is a 3 (real) meal a day person. This meant I had to cook 3 meals a day and it also meant that I would gain 78lbs. Sad face. But right now He is working second shift which is great because I do not have to fix supper every night! So Back to my new thing Batch cooking it is so awesome.

I skipped out on the cornbread dressing on Thanksgiving. A big no no, I regretted that immediately. So I seized the opportunity to make a extra large batch.  In fact I got out the scale to weigh it and when my husband ask why the scale was in the middle of the kitchen I told him why and asked him to guess site unseen how much the pan of dressing weighed. He guessed 7 lbs, I snickered, try 16.4lbs.

I had the turkey carcass I needed to boil it twice to get enough broth. I also scraped the bits of turkey that escaped the de-boning. I have never raped a turkey that bad in all my life, their was nothing left but bones.

The reason I made such a large batch is because dressing is in my top 5 favorite foods but also in my top 5 foods I dont like to make. So by making so Much I am able to freeze several serving for anytime or occasion. I also threw a chunk of turkey in each bag as a bonus.


This is almost half of the dressing.

Does anyone know of a great website for large batch cooking?


Melissa said...

I don't know of any websites for you, but that is so cool - make ahead while you're making it anyway. Great idea.

I've known about freezing as far as preserving for years, but I never really gave alot of thought to freezing meals and stuff.

Recently I learned I could make my own frozen french fries. I've had to pass on alot of potato sales because they go bad before we can eat them. 95% of what I make out of potatoes is french fries and potato salad. So once I learned about that, and there was a good many potato sales this summer, I stocked up.

While I was making french fries, I also made some what my husband calls Home Fries, like just fried cubed potatoes.
I realized I use those same cubed potatoes in my potato salad, just boiled instead of fried.
Tater salad for me is like dressing for you, one of those things we love, but I don't love to make. So now with pre-cut cubed potatoes in the freezer it's alot easier.

Cheap&Sweet said...

I know! I thought potatoes where supposed to last for ever I cant even get two weeks out of them!