Monday, May 4, 2009

Publix just paid some tax

I only paid $1.84 in tax!! I even have $2.60 in coupon that they could not scan because my total was A big Zero!!saved $61.23 I did get to use a $5 off $25 competitor coupon I don't usually use I figure they would turn me down so I just ask and they said yes!! Total saved 97% The $1.84 was on a gift card I am so counting my pennies tonight.

I did go to publix this morning while I was out getting my printer yes it actually finly came. Just picked up 4 danimals 2 $0.25 ears of corn 1 $0.89 lb of carrots and a loaf of bread for $1.17 cost me $5.15 on my gift card that was so high to me I just cant figure it out oh well I am tired & off to bed.

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