Friday, May 22, 2009

Publix 5/22 Just paid a lil tax saved 100%

Gosh, I love publix I cant wait till I get all my coupons. I only have one lil problem, Actually its quite large! I have no room for any more freezer stuff. The freezers are full and so is my fridge. (no way I'm showing you that picture, lol) I feel blessed when I think of all I have. I am going to box up some things with my boy's this weekend and drop it off at some place that's needs it. I hope to remember to take pics.
Total for all the stuff on top of the freezer negative -$2.06
saved $73.44 that's 100%
On a side note I got almost (all but the kids) all my Christmas shopping done today!! I cant show pics or how much it cost, But I think I did awesome and my husband is gonna flip he'll be so happy! Now where to put it? :)

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iheartpublix said...

I love to see all your pics...great job!!