Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Publix trip #2 of 3 & #3of 3 saved 101% & 102%

You cant see everything very well so Ill fill you in!
20 cling wrap- free
20 denta stix's -free with Ov (overage)
9 packs of pork -free with Ov
6 aunt jam's breakfast .39¢
1each of hot dog and hamburger buns .49¢
1 8pc fried chicken on sale $5.49
1 new tea jug $4.49
not pictured is My new keyring I did not need but it was cuter than mine. $1.49 and a coke .50¢ and Edy's Ice cream .50¢

So this was 2 trips in 1.
My first trip I spent negative $1.11 (still spent $5.xx in tax)
Saved can I get a drum roll plz........$108.19 That's 101%

my second trip I spent negative -$1.16 (and only $1.55 in tax)

total saved$50.55 that's 102%

I am not not not not not going shopping till ............

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