Saturday, May 2, 2009

my printer I bought 2 weeks ago still waitng

This is the printer I was talking about here. For $29 its a great deal for me, hope I like it after waiting all this time for free site to store shipping. Next time I will pay the $5 lol I miss my printer. But this one has a scanner its one of them all in ones what ever that means I just looked at the price the reviews and clicked buy now! I was told I would get a email when it was ready for pick up, so I check my email tonight and guess what their it is the email I have been waiting for Or is it? nope just an email to tell me that it wasn't the email I was waiting for but if I would be so kind as to wait 2-3 more day's I would get the real email. lol
Update: Its here its here!!

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