Thursday, June 4, 2009

more diet shopping :)

WOW I have'nt spent that much money in forever!!

This is Aldie's And all of its for my new diet except the chicken noodle soup (nobody knows were it came from) I grabbed the 3 cream of chicken soup myself so I know I did not grab 2 extra cans of noodle. Oh well it will be ate. We did a little shopping tonight one of the stores we hit was big lots I love how they have underwear so cheap I always buy my boy's some their. Tonight I only spent $5 on a sleep shirt( I am so in to PJ's)withmaching underwear for my youngest and to kick it of it was Star Wars! My boy's are so in to Star Wars right now. I just have so much energy these days on my new diet I already feel so much better, I just cant wait to see how I feel in a few weeks.

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