Saturday, June 6, 2009

My crazy foodlion run 6/6 saved 70%

My first order was all good 1 pk of chicken Minus coupon and MVP = .12¢
It was my second order that got all out of whack, for everything else but the one pack of chicken was $27 something And I was like what and he was like what and the other cashier was like what and I was like what and so on .35lb of cherries on sale for 2.99 a lb rang up like $18 or something rediculas like that. OK so here is the story someone had dumped Cherry's out of the bag to make it way less, me being the thrifty person that I am grabbed up the few dumped cherry's (I get Cherry's and don't have to buy a whole bag) so any way their is no bar code on the cherry's so he must have typed in the wrong one or something as they rang up so high. But in the end we got cherry's for less than $2.00
And all you see here only cost me around $7.80
Total saved today.....around $18.58
Tats a savings of around70%

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