Monday, June 29, 2009

My cam is sick :( Publix saved 93%

web cams are so lovely
So sorry about the ugly pics. My camera is taking a sick day. If its more than that I will post about it. We have been together a while now, my husband got it for me almost 2 years ago. I've been looking at newer models just wanna do it on my terms (almost free). lol but maybe it just needs to dry out? It could have gotten wet the other day. What ever it is I am gonna pray for it.

OK, I know you did not come here to here about my cameras woe's

Total for all $4.78
Total saved $62.24 or 93%

$2.69 cents of this was for a black dye I had to have, no coupons. But my 2 favorite pairs of pants are faded and I could shell out $40 bucks for 2 new pairs (like my old self) or I can dye the ones I already have. This will be my first adventure in to the world of dye so I hope it works out. I was just reading the directions did you know it needed 1 cup of salt? If anybody has any tips feel free to leave a comment.

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