Monday, July 13, 2009

One more publix trip today! Saved 102%

I am so sorry my pictures are so dark, I got my camera wet at the pool, and had to get a ''new to me'' one, off craigslist. It was way cheap, takes a quick picture, and semi cheap batteries will actually work in it. My only gripe is the dark picture :-( you would think I would turn on more light, but I keep forgetting.

Order Total was negative -$1.99 (tax was$2.75)
Total saved was $93.49 or 102%

Just lots of overage on most things like hair color, Kashi, food lion brand FLIP stuff
Also lots of free stuff, sanitary napkins, Kleenex, Cristal light.
The penny Item was the chips. They were out of salad dressing.
Also used 2 deli flips on Dinner :-)


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

O.K. you're amazing!!


Shauna said...

Wow, can you come and do my shopping?

Cheap&Sweet said...

This kind of shopping is not for the faint at heart but if you'd like to learn how let me know. Ill give you a list of blogs and stuff.