Sunday, July 5, 2009

You can catch me at foodlion this week.

No seriously I just got back and want to go again already.
check out why

Cups Free+
Hydrogen Free+
salad free+
Whole chicken reduced
order total with tax $2.16f
saved around $9.00 or 81%

I told the hubby we were going to cut up the chicken And fry it, he almost melted to his knees Fried food, chicken, not boild or baked. I think he fell a little bit more in love with me. lol


Earthy Mama said...

HI! How'd you get your free salad? I have to make a Food Lion run tomorrow. I need some free cups, and FL is only a mile from my house. (even though I do love my Publix, it's 45 minutes away. :) )

Cheap&Sweet said...

Well I found a $2.00 off 1 fresh express salad mix or kit about 2 months ago, it expired the 7th. But with that and the flip Or at publix both with the publix coupon stacked I have a lot of free salad.

Cheap&Sweet said...

oh ya, free cups was last week. Sorry!