Friday, August 28, 2009

My To do List!

No I still have not gone shopping my son has been really sick (he's getting better now) And I'm waiting on some coupons I ordered off eBay. So here is a few things I want to do today.

#1. CLEAN MY DESK! It looks horrible, never by a glass desk with no storage. You can not hide anything!

#2. Organize my two storage shelves.

#3. Clean out my car.

#4. Because its so messy it can have its own number. Clean my trunk! LOL I got junk in my trunk!

#5. Clean my Bathroom. The only down side to having my own bathroom. I'm the only one to clean it.

lol my husband cleaned it while I took my nap I love him so much!

#6. Clean out coupons. I only purge my coupons every three moths so by the time I get to it it really needs to be done.

#7. Refrigerator and both freezers.

OK I'm done! I'm not putting anything else on my plate till this gets done. shoot I have to go do some laundry, and take pictures of what I bought at the yard sales today and post them. OK now I'm done. I may take a nap ;-)

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