Monday, August 3, 2009

Publix run!

I broke this in 2 transactions at 2 different publix. Got 2 penny items. Is their a 2 theme hear?

My first transaction Grand Total was .30¢
I ended up Saving $36.64

My second transaction was different
I got the same things
But my Grand Total was $5.52
Total saved was $37.49

I knew It would be a little more because I bought a Pepsi. But $5.52 was off. Come to find out it was off, but not by much. She just overcharged me for 1 extra hot pocket. I like to let the little stuff go. :) HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

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Earthy Mama said...

Hey! I wanted to send you those Gain coupons- my email is if you want to shoot me an email I'll get them out to you tomorrow :)