Saturday, August 8, 2009

Publix trip #2 this week!

The mascara was really cheap at $2.49 each I got all I could! My mom and friends are getting free mascara!

Total spent $3.25
Total saved $58.50


Mrs. Gabers said...

I happened on your site through Southern Savers and have enjoyed following your shopping trips. Could you leave tips on how you save so much...I am in the Nashville Area too!

zinachuck said...

Good job!!

MyNameIsPearl said...

Hey :) I just happened to stumble across your blog-can you tell me which coupons you used for the paper towel rolls on your publix trips last week? Thanks a bunch!

Cheap&Sweet said...

I have been using the home 360 Food Lion coupon. I hope you have a Food Lion!