Friday, August 7, 2009

Yard Sale! Friday Flat tire and French toast Edition!

I paid $2 for the Timberlands, $3 for the New Balance, $1 For the Tommy Hilfiger. Only the new balance has a little where and tear. But My husband loves black New Balance so I got them. The other shoes are going to eBay. Which I have been giving another go. Its just that between the shipping and fees and fees oh and them other paypal fees, just to many fees.
I have a thing for cook books even though I quit using them when I found this website allrecipes But this one was a Chinese one and I have been craving Chinese and for .50¢ Its now mine!
Nintendo 64 plus 4 games $3!! And It works all I have to buy is a controller!
Next up more yard Sales or maybe not. As we was walking back to the car I noticed the tire was flat, Not just a little bit a lot flat. I drove it to a shady spot and proceeded to change it. Being from the south though it wasn't to long before a very nice man stoped to help me. Seeing as how changing a tire is a mans job. lol So now I have a good deed to pass on as soon as the opportunity arises.

I got home woke my husband up to fix me the French toast (using Texas toast bread lol) he has been promising me. Then sent him out to get the flat tire fixed so I could "work". I have the absolute best husband in the world!

Yard Sales, Oh how I love the. lol I'm an Yard Sale addict!

Oh Btw, Plz go see how the really cool ppl do it over at Rhodas Blog Southern Hospitality


Elizabeth said...

Great deal on the shoes! Sorry you had to stop your "fun" for a flat tire, but thank God for the nice man who helped you. And a hubby who fixes you french toast? I'd say he's a keeper! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG Girl you must be talking about me with you comment at the bottom of the page. I too am addicted with Yard Sale Fever.LOL

Melissa said...

Good deals on the shoes!

How are you doing with ebaying again? Have you tried Craigslist or the other one, kijiji I think it is?

I slowed way down with ebay when the fees kept climbing, but when they made it where sellers couldn't Neg buyers, then that was the last straw. That's crazy.

Shauna said...

We share the same addiction. Maybe we should get help..........nah!!!

Anonymous said...

Flat tires are a thing of the past when you use the tire safety product described at

The video shows tires running over spikes and not going flat.

Sounds like you all had a blast.


Suzanne in TX said...

I believe there are online meetings for our addiction--over at Rhoda's!
Sorry you had a flat and missed some
sales--too bad.
Come over and visit anytime!

~~Carol~~ said...

I love finding like-new shoes at yard sales! Guess what? I'm addicted too! It makes me so happy to get a great deal!

jskell911 said...

That was a fantastic deal on the N64. I wouldn't know that except my son is a video game geek. So, I know more than I really want to

Kammy said...

Super good deals and if you can make a buck , cool !
I am craving french toast now !!!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Great buy on Nintendo 64