Saturday, August 8, 2009

yard sale! Saturday $5.35

If you know anything about vintage food play things, plz let me know are they dishwasher safe? $3
Diapers for my friends son when he comes over! $2 drink containers .35¢

Just not a great weekend for me kinda shabby really. I hope that means next week will rock!

go see how the really cool ppl do it over at Rhodas Blog Southern Hospitality


Suzanne in TX said...

I'm not sure if they would be dishwasher safe, but probably on the top shelf! Thanks for sharing and come over and visit anytime!

Darlene said...

Great buy on that amount of play things! I think those would be safe too on the top rack and you can always turn off the drying part on the dishwasher.

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh, how cute is that?! Your kids are going to have so much fun playing with that!

Kammy said...

I am sure that a hot tub of some soapy water would work too !
Looks like you have all the food for a fake kitchen !

Miss G said...

cool stuff. Kelly