Monday, December 21, 2009

Yard Sale Profit so far!

Yard Sale Profit's are so much fun. I bought this thermos for .50¢ I just sold it on eBay for $30.29 with shipping. So minus the eBay and PayPal Fees and Shipping I made a nice lil chunk of change on this.

The Lip gloss was .25¢ each.  Sold on ebay for $17 and some change.

So these are the 3 things Ive sold on eBay this year for a nice Profit, from this years yard sale finds. I have a lot more stuff to sell. So I think after Christmas I will try list one new thing a day till I'm out of stuff to list.


Sarah663 said...

I'm glad you're posting again! I really missed your posts for a while and enjoy reading about your finds!

Lynn said...

Wow, Girl, I could take a few lessons from you... I think I may have to visit a few yard sales in the next few weeks. Cool.

Merry Christmas. Hugs, Lynn

Cheap&Sweet said...

Thanks girls, I missed it also. I was just burn out on it all. I cant wait till next summer.