Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free at Kroger!! Saved $73.00

I bought this I wireless Phone when their was a $20 off coupon awhile
 back made it $30 it came with 300 minutes and 200 more when I buy my first card.

Free chili with overage! This is a Really great price, orignally $3.49 a can
I bought my first I wireless card to eat up the overage.
My total was $6.80 + tax
Saved $73.00 or 91%
So for my $6.80 I got 20 cans of chili and a total of 300 minutes.


Mandy said...

Great job!! Cute phone :)

Cheap&Sweet said...

Thnks I love it and I get free minutes all the time, just from shopping at Kroger.

Melissa said...

Oooh, nice, love that phone.

I stocked up on chili, too.
Chili dogs and Frito pie, Yum.