Monday, February 8, 2010

I cant believe I did that!

Yep I went shopping for more laundry detergent! I just could not pass up almost free detergent I tried I really did I even ask my husband if he minded, I almost hoped he would say no but he was in a good mood and said sure let go get some. I was a little shocked. lol

I also tried the Purex softener, ya that did not work at all. I needed softener a lot more than detergent.
The air-wick was on sale for $6.99 with a $5.00 off coupon in last Sundays SS. I have no smell good stockpile so I got as many as they had. I also went to a different Kroger (3 miles away) to get more and they were not on sale at that Kroger so don't rush out to buy these just in case.

I'm not for sure how much I saved but it was a lot!


Melissa said...

That's okay, you'll be laughing at the rest of us when we need detergent and it's not as good a sale. lol

Cheap&Sweet said...

Ya I already gave some of the big Wisk away and my mom likes the ALL so when we meet up that will be even less but I love giving to my friends and family. Makes you feel good. I have enough to go around! lol