Monday, February 1, 2010

kroger For $5.05

Paid $5.05 + tax
my son wanted the lays, he never ask for anything so I gave in.
Never mind I just bought 10 bags of Doritos last night.
lays $2.29
20 Quakes .04¢ each = .80¢
8 J&J soap .09¢ each = .72¢
1 J&J bath wash = $1.99
This some how = $5.80
She scanned 1 to many .75 off Q's 


Beth said...

One thing is for sure: you are stocked up on snacks for a while! My daughter loves that soap.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Both my kids have to have 2 snacks a day for school it adds up big time. They have an after school program they go to.

Candi said...

You'll have plenty of snacks that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! It's amazing what $5 will get you with a little bit of time and effort. Glad you got stocked up.