Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Washer! Deal!

My sons Grandfather got me my first pair of washer and dryer over 8 years ago. Not only did they last this long but he got them off the side of the road and their ws never a reason to replace them till now. Somebody threw away a perfectly good set. I think the only problem was it only washed in cold and it did not cost anything to fix. 

Six months ago my dryer quit for the last time, now my washer died last week, I looked online for hours! I finally found this baby on sale $249 with free delivery! Score.

I know how awesome front loaders are and we came so close to buying one but we just could not spend that kind of money when we could buy something that does the same thing for over a grand less.

I have researched my lil heart out and and I know that it would never save me the difference in its hopefully 5 year life span.

The best way for us to save energy is to wash in cold water and I dont mind that at all. In fact I read heating the water was 90-95% the cost of washing clothes.

By the way this is off brand Maytag and I got it off Home Depot site.


Beth said...

My ex-husband's parents bought us a brand new washer and dryer for a wedding present. Let's just say they lasted longer than the marriage did! I was able to use the washer 10 yrs before it quit. And (knock on wood) the dryer is still going strong! I, too, would love to have a fancy new front loader, but just cannot justify the expense. I always wash our clothes in cold does save money.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Its so funny to judge how old something is by how much longer you had it than the length of the relationship.

Melissa said...

I'm not one to preach, but y'all might want to think more about doing all your washing in cold water.

I wash some clothes in cold, mostly "outer" clothes like shirts and such that I don't want the colors to fade.

But as far as clothes like underwear and socks, and bath towels and clothes, and bedsheets, I do wash in hot water because that stuff can contain some bad germs.

I don't know if your boys change for gym class yet, but around here there's almost an epidemic of Staff infection in our high schools, and they've traced it to the locker rooms of the school gyms.

I feel like that has ALOT to do with people not washing their kids under-clothes in hot water.

Laundry detergent might clean in cold water, but does it kill these bad kinds of germs?
You use dishwashing liquid, but would you wash your dishes in cold water? or take a cold bath/shower?

The water is already heated in the water heater, so it's not like it takes any more extra effort to heat water for washing a load of clothes than it does to wash a load of dishes or take a shower.
Some thing are worth a little expense, and we're talking mere cents here.
I saw somewhere where your yearly savings was something like $100-some-odd-dollars per YEAR savings. That's just a few cents a day.

Our Granny's didn't heat water over a fire to wash their laundry because they enjoyed the extra work :-)