Thursday, February 25, 2010

Publix got my free TP

My husband did the Lipton and I did the bags.

Lipton after bogo was $1.12 X 10 = $11.20 
$11.20 minus .50¢ coupon each doubled = $1.20
plus penny item $1.21 plus tax

Ruffies $2.19 - store coupon =$1.19 
minus .50¢ coupon that doubles = .19¢ each

.19¢ X 10 = $1.90 plus penny item = $1.91

Some how she scanned way to many coupons and I only paid .59¢ for everything.
I don't mind that this happens every once in a while because the other 98% of the time it is me getting shorted a coupon.

So for everything we got in the picture we spent $1.80  Saved $50.40 not bad.


Melissa said...

Ooh, great shop. What was the Ruffies store coupon from?

KatieBug said...

Great Shopping Trip! I wish I had a Publix near me, I hear they are an awesome coupon store to shop at.

Candi said...

Man, I totally missed out on the Ruffies! You did a great trip!