Tuesday, February 9, 2010

walgreens and Rite Aid

I got the Nivea at Rite Aid. I actually got 7 one was MIA In this picture. lol
I did not have a money ($5/$20) coupon I could have used one to make my total $2.64 instead of $7.64 but I will be getting a $5 gift card back from the nivea deal spend $15 get $5 back. So for my favorite body was that usally cost $6.99 this was a great price!

Rite Aid Total value $48.93
Spent $7.64 with tax already added
Saved $41.29

Walgreens total value of product was $86.92
OOP I spent  $9.70 W/tax
Total Saved was $77.22

Doing a lil dance!!

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Melissa said...

Good job! Did Rite Aid give you any trouble? Email me at missi @ bellsouth.net and I can hook you up with some Rite Aid q's.