Monday, March 29, 2010

Flaming mad! Oh and something free!

I got turned down on the snuggle deal at Food Lion. I was told only 1 coupon per transaction! I was like "what"? So I told her to get a manger the manger comes and says ya you can use more than one but you cant use those unless you dont use your mvp card! By this time I'm flaming mad, are you serious? Ya we cant give you a penny overage. FTW? How bout I give you a penny? Nope. How bought I buy 7 and use 6 coupons? umm No. So I got to the manger of the whole store he said the same thing. I told him I would take my penny some where else.

 I was so mad I told them I was calling corporate I even got their names. So I called, and the guy I talked to act like they messed up big time and knew better. I told him i wanted an apology form both of them. lol

Oh on the up side I was able to buy these for free

These are 10/$6
use the $3/5= FREE!


Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

Great deal on the cans. I hope you get the apology, that's a pain.

Melissa said...

Are there some totally crazy people out there or what? If you pay cash dollars, they want to sell it to you for $2.99.
But if you use a coupon they get $3.00, and they want to treat you like you're doing something wrong.
Idiots, gah!

Great find on the dog food! I didn't even see that. I'm on that like frosting on a cupcake, lol.

Melissa said...

BTW, did you see where Snuggle is cheaper at Kmart and Walmart and you get .50 overage at Kmart and maybe like $1.00 some at Walmart?

Cheap&Sweet said...

glad I could find you something for once! lol
gonna go look that up!