Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Yard Sales! So excited!

Its Friday Its Spring Its dry out side these make perfect conditions for yard sales!
I saw a chruch sale close to my favorite Publix and 2 more on the way when I went last night so I was up and ready to go at 7am! First yard sales of the year!
This is what I got.

Food dehydrator $4

Mongoose $8

Brand new Extra large gate $1 Wahoo!! Its huge you cant jump over this one and it goes all the way across my hall.

Another brand new gate regular size $1

Backpack $3 New with a $24 tag

$1 each Score!

Sketchers Looks brand new $1

Stainless steal lifted dog bowels $1

I had to buy this Hope I can sell it. I ran in to a fellow couponer having a Yard sale her prices were a lil high but we talked for a while And I needed to buy something so I got this car net $1 

Wife beaters for my youngest .25¢ each

short and PJ Set.50¢ each

Eddie George Jersey .25¢

Nike shorts .25¢

So I spent alot but got a lot of great deals Im hoping to sell a few things like the dehydrator (goes for around $25-$30 ON eBay) and the bike because we do not have a need for it.


Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

I love yard sales, hoping I can get to a few this spring.

Beth said...

Awesome deals! You always find the best stuff at church yard sales.

Melissa said...

Great finds! And good thinking to find stuff for reselling.

Your new little puppy is a cutie. What'd you end up naming it?

Cheap&Sweet said...

Kasey and she is a cutie. Ya I sold the dehydrator already I found a crack in one of the trays so I sold it on crigs list for $15 instead of ebay it would have cost a lot to ship and broke it wasnt worth as much.