Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Have To Be Honest..

I have went over board with my shopping lately, I dont even know how it happened one minute I was having so much fun filling up my new storage shelves the next thing I know Im out of room, Some stuff (the all) is already on the floor in front of one. This is not the worst part.

My freezers are full to the brim! I (as in my husband) had to take stuff out of their boxes to fit it in the freezers. Oh I am so mad at myself for getting this much stuff. I know what I can donate, but thats not the point I want us to use all this food. Not just keep buying more, so im going to challenge myself.

I think Ill take it slow for a while and just buy the things we need (like bread, eggs, milk,& fresh fruit) I know fresh fruit is not a have to have but Its good for us and I dont see us going with out it. And Ill have to get what is free or super close to free if I know we will use it in the next few months.

This is kinda like my own personal pantry challenge, I have never done one, so this will be my very first. I hope I do really well Id love to get my freezers at least half way empty.

Their is a word for how packed my freezers are, it's gluttony and I think it may be a sin.
Also I will post on what we used up day by day instead of what I buy.

Today we used...
1 mango
2 cans of corn
1 can of green beans
1 green chili
3 oranges
2 bananas
3 chicken breast
4 hamburger patties with buns
1 Ice cream  sandwich
2 eggs
1 box of sausage links
3 yogurts

This is what I can remember. Ill do better remembering tomorrow knowing that ill have post it all.

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Debbie said...

Hey, don't knock being well stocked! You should be proud of yourself to have that much food to feed your family. Be proud and eat well! Have a great day!