Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snuggle battle go's on.. Its getting heated to say the least!

I got my snuggle, Price matched at walmart 50 loads (10 more than Food Lion)
Speaking of Food Lion. When I talk to corporate they told me the mangers were wrong to deny me using the snuggle coupon, and had the district manger call me about it. Well that was the most degrading call of my life!

He said things like, where did you get so many coupons?, Why did you not buy the snuggle at Kroger where you got the coupons? Why do you buy so many newspapers? I have never heard of someone buying 6 papers. Why were you trying to buy so many snuggle? Thats strange that you are getting so many. (by the way I was getting 6) I said 20 or 40 was to many, he said we had different  perspectives on what a lot means. I told him they get .08¢ extra per coupon for shipping, He said Ive never heard of that, how do you know that? Do you work for the coupon people?  I was like no its written on every single coupon.

That is basically how my conversation went, im sure I left of some degrading comments I have forgot about. I ended Up hanging up on him, I was like ok im gonna go now click. 

Then I called corporate again and told them what was said to me, They were not happy about how I was being treated said this was going to upper management. I cant see how the district mangers call helped in any way, It felt more was like he was degrading me for using coupons.


Melissa said...

Good lord, does that guy live under a rock?
It's one thing to not know or understand coupon useage, but that guy apparently doesn't even know what Customer Service is.
I never understand how idiots like that get into such high positions.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Thaank you Melissa, glad to know Im not the only one who thanks this is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and I try to visit daily.
Great yard sale finds.
You will enjoy Summer Sisters! It was a great summer read.
God bless,