Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swiffer 360 plus "any" refill Only $1.69 @ Publix

Spent $13.45 +Tax
Saved $38.75

Swiffer 360 starter kit $2.69 -$1Q = $1.69
Buy starter kit get "any" Refill free x3
Pantene $2.91-$2Q (came with free full sized bottle) =.91¢ each
Puppy chow $5.29 - $3Q= $2.29
Dawn $1.49 -.25¢Q doubled +.75¢ store Q = .24¢ each 
Lysol air $1.80-$1.50Q = .30¢
Huge dog bone for my lil puppy $2.50 Maybe She will stop chewing on my laptop cord!


publix penny pincher said...

Great job! I need to stock up on dish detergent - I hate running out of that stuff!

Crystal said...

The ANY refill deal is genius.... I guess I'm going to have to get back to Publix before Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Which circular did you clip the $1 off coupon for Swiffer from?

Cheap&Sweet said...

3/7 pg or 2/7pg