Monday, April 19, 2010

Life Is Hard These Days. Know Why? Stuff! Thats Why!

Can I talk to you about stuff? I'm going nuts. My new home is so great so clutter free I love it! The problem you ask? All my clutter is at my old house! Its bad, real bad. ( no no pictures my mom taught me better than that) I know Im not brining a lot of it over here, But I dont want to let it go either. Their is so much stuff its not even funny. Its like 5 year of accumulation.

Ive only moved one other time and I do not remember having anywhere near this much stuff. In fact I had a major shopping problem back then. (I think it was OCD related I got help)   I do remember that when I moved I did not take hardly anything with me. I just started over really.

Fast froward to today, I have a  town house full of crap! How great where all of those deals? Not real good when I have to give or throw it away! Speaking of which I would never leave my apartment dirty so my idea is to put an add on craigslist. Their was a lady who came and got my yard sale leftovers, so maybe someone would want everything in my house I would not let them pick and choice what they want they would have to take it all. Do you think that would work?

Im having such a hard time letting this stuff go, its my stuff, my junk, my clutter, but its not coming to my new home thats for sure.

One more thing,, I also feel like a bad mother. At the old house the boys room would stay a mess even after they cleaned it because of clutter it made them unhappy with their room. They don't even play with toys that are not video games or star wars anymore. So now I feel bad they don't have a bunch of stuff just one shelf for their star wars stuff and clothes and their tv and video games. They have out side stuff they play with and ride. So I guess they will be ok, Hope they understand.


Anonymous said...

Hey... just donate the stuff and lower your stress level... the way you shop, you will find stuff you like even more and someone will get a good deal on your stuff, don't forget to get a donation receipt and you might be able to deduct it as a donation on your income taxes next year! Thanks for posting your pictures of all your great deals, those pictures inspire me to get out of the house and do it too! Keep it up, you are doing a great job!

Cheap&Sweet said...

Well thank you very much. I know I just need to do it and get over it!