Saturday, April 24, 2010

One Church Sale...

In the last 3 weeks I have only hit one sale and that was a church sale today. I only spent $2! I was so proud of myself. Hubby has been wanting a PUR filter Ive had one back in the day and was not really impressed but he wanted one and I found one with a new in the package filter for $1! You cant see the brand new filter because hubby jumped up to put it on as soon as he saw it so its already in the filter.

And for me because I am constantly hot.

I took a better picture but it looked gross so I took this one! LOL
It still needs cleaning but for $1.... I can work with it!

One Question Sorry Im so random today, but is anybody else living off gold fish crackers these days? I hope they go bogo again soon we are almost out ive been eating the garden kind trying to get my half a serving on.  lol (real vegetables ya right)

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