Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday shopping!

I learned the dog food was free at DG so I went and the coupons would not go through so she gave them to me for free (no tax) Wahoo in the land of 9.75% sales tax thats a great deal!

The rest I got at CVS! I got 2 great coupons out of the coupon spitter!
One was $1 off any cvs skin care I got this it was $7.99 on sale for $1.99 minus coupon =.99¢ the other was $1 of any cvs paper product the towles were $1.29 =.29¢
I still had one $2.00 off for the pantene = Free
Dark Reece's 2/$1 - .55¢ COUPON = FREE+

Oh ya not pictured is the free stride in my purse = free
So after tax I paid around $3.xx got back 1 ecb
I had a great morning! Did you?

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