Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I Have Sold Lately...

I bought 3 games with a system for $5 at a yard sale, I sold the 3 nintindo 64 games on eBay for $24.99!

I sold a original nintindo system with 6 games for $76.00 (cant rember what I paid at a yard sale for this but it was 

Hot wheels lunch box paid .50¢ @ a yard sale sold on eBay for $16.34

Tommy shoes $1 at a yard sale sold on ebay for $17

8 ps2 games Who Knows how much my husband paid 
we sold on ebay for $13.98

What I sold on craigslist
Pink dog create sold for $10 (Paid $15) 
Sofa picture sold for $20 (paid $30 6 years ago was $110)
White shelving unit paid $5 two years ago @ a church sale sold for $5

I also had a yard sale a couple of weeks ago made $300 mostly stockpile things!



Beth said...

Looks like I need to start selling my "stuff" on ebay! I have never used it because I wasn't sure about shipping. Any advise?

Cheap&Sweet said...

I do not know if you should listen to me when it comes to shipping I do not know how many times Ive come out on the wrong end on that subject.

Know how much it cost to ship it before you put it on line.

They have flat rate shipping learn as much as you can about this.

See what the smallest flat rate box your stuff can fit in.

or if its a light weight items you will need to have a scale the weighs OZs, and you your own packing.

I heard under 2 lbs you should use your own shipping supplies.

order you the new flat rate shipping sample kit for free a usps.

This is my limited knowledge!