Sunday, May 9, 2010

I did It I went shopping! Yes with coupons! Saved $125 Spent $11

Well I feel awful about not getting yall a picture, but I was making rounds and I was dropping off things as I went. Im sure you all know how that goes. But Ill list what I got.

10 Hidden Vally $1.78-$2.00 Q = free With Overage (FWO)
GreenWise Brown eggs $3.79 - Free Item coupon from Kroger!
Kelloggs Spec K $1.95 - Free Item Coupon from Kroger!
Snuggle $3 -$3 Q = Free
Cheerieos $1.75- .50¢ Q doubled = .75¢
Mahatma Brown Rice $2.19 - .50¢Q doubled =$1.19
18 stage 2 baby food $4.68 - $3.00 FLIP Q's = $1.68 (expired but I asked)
bottle of Publix water .40¢
1 capri sun $1.79 -$1.00 Q
Log Cabin (my favorite have to have) $2.99
6 Bumble Bee Tuna .99¢ -.55¢ Q =$2.64
4 Peter pan $1.17-$1.50/4 coupon = $3.18
Oscar Mayer ham $4.79 - $4.79 kroger free coupon = free

And I had a $5 off $50 kroger coupon

But the best part was I saw Crest 3D White strips $29.99 and I had the Target coupon and the insert coupon that would make it $9.99 but it wrung up $44.99 so after a quick trip to point out the price tag it was free!

I had a great trip and I am reminded why I love coupon shopping so much in fact I may go back to another store for some other things they were out of. If I do Ill get you a picture!

So I Spent $11.98 and Saved $125.78

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Michelle said...

You did great! Publix has great service! Great blog I am following!