Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I need to get something off my chest today.

A year ago today my sons old teacher accused him of something bad and Im still angry upset. First let me tell you a lil about my son, hes not the brightest crayon in the box but he is the sweetest most Innocent child Ive ever come across. The type who will put himself in the corner If he thinks I may be angry at him, who does his chores without having to be told who says things like I wish I could be a better son, (I could really ask for no better a son IMO) always opens doors for everybody and I do mean everybody. He will say wait their mom and come open my car door. I could cry sometimes thinking about how good hearted my kid is.

So twice last year my son was accused of something I would bet my life he never did. The first incident was to me big but not huge, he was in music and we dont know what was said but a girl accused him of saying  tity. Now I know kids will say stuff and I know mine will as well but he said he did not say this, now it would not have been so bad but they (principle and teacher (2 ppl) kept him in the office and grilled him about it the principle said for 2 hours! My son was crying saying he did not do it when the principle finally called me. when he is like that I know he is telling the truth. Why would they grill him for 2 hours? How upset he must have been. It breaks my heart to think about. And who knows what was really said it could have rimed with tity or something  the lil girl must have miss heard him who knows.

The second thing was so innocent, my son used to do this thing with his hands where he would slap his thighs (like a wrestler) about something, he did it often it was kind of cute but this day last year put an end to that. He was in the cafeteria and he mimicked what he saw his friend do earlier in the day, he said to this girl look up look down look all around then he slapped his thighs. The little girl went and told that he was telling her to look at his "stuff". I got a call quick that time.  How does this person the women I entrusted my son with for a whole year not know my son better than this? How could someone think so badly of my sweet innocent son.

 Oh it beaks my heart how badly this women hurt my son even after all she put him through he still said nice things about her more than she could do for him im sure. I went and picked him up when this happened, I almost did not go the next day to get his report card, I was so upset I did not want my son near this women.

And now My youngest is going into the second grade. Do I go to her and tell her if she gets my son to switch? Do I wait and see if it will be a problem?   IDK but I think half the reason im so angry is I never really got to tell her off. I now know what self control gets me. Still angry a year later thats what.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest I now know why im still upset. She hurt my child and got away with it. Its my job to fight for my son and I didnt. I failed my son who ask for so little thats why. 


Beth said...

Wow. I know I would have wanted to smart off to the teacher too. I would just keep my mouth shut and wait to see what happens next year. Remember...You have to pick your battles.

Dr. Mom said...

Send an email to the principal telling him that you do not want this teacher for your younger child. You can usually find their email address on the school website. Don't wait. Trying to transfer your child from her class will be much harder after being assigned to her. It will also make you feel better to politely say to her superior that you disagree with her "techniques". You can also say that since you now know her, you do not think that your other child's personality would mesh well with her's, resulting in a less than productive year.

I had to do this for my daughter who is starting school this year. I did not want her to have my son's teacher from last year.

Melissa said...

Boy, I know just how you feel. I had SO many problems with my oldest son at school. He was diagnosed with EBD and ADHD and who knows what all other acronyms they had for him.

I was really young, and naive, and believed teachers and administrators were college-educated professionals so knew what they were doing. Ha!
After I got involved volunteering with the local youth sports leagues, I got to know a few teachers outside the school setting, and learned many of them are complete loons!

After I learned the school personnel wasn't any smarter than me, I started telling them exactly how I felt about everything.

Mostly I did by email because I could take my time and write what I wanted to say and list my reasons and have it make sense.

They used to call me into the office after, like your son, they'd bullied mine for a couple of hours. And bullying is exactly what it is when adults in authority hold a kid hostage and try to make them admit to something like that.

I used sit and listen to them listing out their complaints with my little kid; I swear the elementary school principal got off on repeating the cuss words to me. I'd be all like, I'm sorry, I don't know what I'm going to do with him, blah blah blah.

But then when he was in middle school, they made me mad, and then they learned exactly where he inherited his hellion ways from, lol.

I didn't play with them no more. I'll tell a teacher off, I've yelled at at least two Ass.Principals. Once I called the State Special Ed. dept, and got their attention that way.
My son's high school principal, who I was on familiar terms with, got promoted to Superintendant, and I don't hestitate to email him complaints now.

So yeah, if you don't want your son in that teacher's class, let them know, in no uncertain terms. You have the say so about your child's welfare, and if you feel something is/isn't in his best interest, then they should be accomodating to you and him.
I found out they will accomodate you if you stand up to them.