Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Shopping last week.

What in the world have I done, I missed out on a whole week of sales at Publix last week their were things I wanted to buy but when It came down to it I realized I did not really need anything. I was just going because I could get a good deal on some stuff. Lately I have been thinking more and more about how is it really a good deal If I dont need it? Well its not really.

So I felt weird not going but in the end im glad I did not go. I have that lil bit of cash I saved that I can now put toward something I do need like my high ass water bill. Im in a fight with myself these days I consider myself frugal because I like & try to save money on everything I can. But really Im not all that frugal because Illl just take what lil  (or a lot) of money I saved and turn around and spend it on another great deal.

It just seems like the great deals are endless (in a way LOL) And I want them all. So in the end Im buying stuff at a really great price but maybe I dont really need that stuff. I think what I need is a lil more balance in my life. Right now is a scary place financially for my family (I so dislike talking lack of money) We have been in this place for over a year now and the clock is ticking LOUDLY these days.  We are doing what we can and with a lot of prayer we will come out stronger in the end.

Im am hitting Publix soon for some much needed pasta and maybe some other things :-)

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slugmama said...

I too found that during my 1st yr. of extreme couponing that I HAD TO chase ALL the deals. But I've come around to the philosophy that A deal is a deal UNLESS you can't use it or don't need it. So I've spent a lot of time this year retooling my stockpile and pulling back on hounding the deals. I barely set foot in a store in April and have also cut back in May on shopping. If you are in a bad spot financially you are right to cutback on the deals like you said.