Friday, May 14, 2010

Yard Sale, outlet store, & Thrift store finds

I have been a bizzy bee today! I got the kids fed and off to school was looking forward to some yard sales! My husband told me it was raining and would be all day, so instead of going to the window to see I went and looked on the computer sure enough rain rain and more rain.

 So I got the kids off to school well it wasn't raining So I figured Id try my luck. I hit 2 yard sales back to back and found nothing this is not a great way to start. But in the end I did great heres what I got

Start with my best deal $10 carpet cleaner
I have been surching high and low for one.

I put this in the boys room

wahoo hope it work decent never used $1.33

Sorry I did not get a real picture of this
ionic air purifier/nightlight for the boy's $1.33

for my oldest .50¢ each
I think all I will have to buy him will be
 one good pair of swim shorts for summer

over shirt .50¢

That is what I got a yard sales I spent $16
I am debating selling the carpet cleaner for a profit.

I met up with a friend and went to one 
of those outlet stores, I got

I spent $5
 The star Wars is for my son for his b-day!

Then I hit a thrift store on my way home and came out with these

Is anybody as happy as I am to find CHEAP shoes for there kids?

So my husband does not feel left out $4.25 Levies that fit!

Hope yall had a thrifty day!

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Lisa said...

I enjoy following your blog and wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Just head over to my blog to claim it when you get the chance! Have a wonderful weekend!