Saturday, May 29, 2010

yard sale Saturday!

I will be putting something besides a shoe in this frame!

Man did we need this for the boys room! was $5 but I asked saved $2!
Also bought a pair of sketchers at this sale but my son took off camping with them on, they were $1
.50¢ each
.50¢ each
No I did not get these at a yard sale I made them from scratch but my camera died and I had to use my other computer to load the pictures so I made it all one post.
These were ummmy I never even got a picture they were gone so fast.
Tip. cook all at one time we put the rest in the fridge and they fell flat my husband said. He may have cooked & ate um lol.


Cheap&Sweet said...

I cant edit my blog right now something is wrong with blogger (I hope its blogger and not my puter) But I will update this with words lol ASAP.

Melissa said...

More great yard sale finds!
And those cinnamon rolls look deeee-lish!!

I'm not positive about this but, I've had some of the Pillsbury biscuits and sweet rolls and stuff I've bought on sale I put them in the freezer. So I would get some out and put them in the fridge to thaw, but when I baked them, they were flat like.

I read later on a blog or board, I can't remember now, someone had posted about they set theirs out on the counter to like come to room temp or something before they cook theirs, and don't have problems with them.
I haven't tried it yet to see if that's the secret, but maybe that's what happened to your dough, it needed to be warmer before baking?

Cheap&Sweet said...

Oh Mellisa you have no Idea! Ive never had them quiet like that before. Thank you for the tip ill have to try it out!

Everyone plz plz do not pay attention to what ever exploded in my oven I showed my husband and put in my work order for him to clean it. I should have a clean oven in 4 to 5 months.

Melissa said...

Thank goodness for self-cleaning ovens! lol