Friday, May 21, 2010

you know what Friday is! Yard Sales!

needed badly $4.50

.85¢ for all 3 for Friends daughter

How could I not buy this cuttie something!

Hubby is a huge Giants fan $2
I didn't notice till I got home it was an 06 an not the
2010 he shirt he wanted but he still liked it. 

A very nice thingy not sure what to call it but I can use it. its leather with a zipper. high quality but it says verison & Im ok with that. .75¢

one more shirt for my oldest! .50¢

$1.25 ( I know that bottom sticker says .75¢ but I just stuck that on their)

Not pictured is a set of bed raisers $2

Let me know if you got anything thrifty this week! 
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