Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Missing Son! Dont Worry I Found him.

I got up extra early this morning checked on my 1 remaining son,(the other is camping for 2 weeks) he was sound asleep. I thought I would surprise him with pancakes this morning. So I looked in the fridge No Milk! So I figured I had enough time to go to the store before he woke up, it was only 6am.

When I got home I walked in and noticed his door open and he was not in bed. I panicked right then and thier I cant really say why, but I did. I just knew he was out knocking on ppls doors @ now 6:15 trying to find me. I have no Idea why this thought raced through my head. So I throw the half gallon of milk and my purse down on the couch run to my husbands room crash open the door turn on the light and I said do you have chris? He said no so I start yelling Chris threw out the house. He is not in the bathroom or kitchen I got to his bed and tossed the covers (it would not be the first time I had not noticed his skinny butt under the covers, but no Chris.

This is when I start thinking of the new slightly creepy neighbors and get real panicked. I came back in the living room and noticed my half gallon of milk teetering on something under my covers. (yes I sleep on the couch I have no Idea why I just do scents I was 17 or so)

He was on the couch the whole time! Come to find out I had threw the milk on my poor babys head! He never made a sound. I swear if this kid dont gain some weight at least enough for me to see if he is under covers Im going to go nuts. I may even get rid of all covers but a sheets if he keep doing this. lol

I found my son that makes me the happiest mother of all. I cant wait till he wakes up and eats his pancakes!

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Melissa said...

LOL, it happens to all of us.