Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh what fun it is to yard Sale in the rain! You might be jealous!

$1 each
For all my couponers If your in to "the" CASE IT.
was $2 each but it started to rain so I asked. Score!  

Was $1 each but I asked she was trying to get rid of everything before the rain came in. My hubby loves candles.

We all love connect 4! Hubby said we should keep it in the bathroom, eww I think not.

Last but not least I got my son a new booster seat he was so happy.
he made me take like 3 pictures of him with it I'll be nice and only post two.

Nasty cigarettes I started smoking a few weeks ago. Last a few pounds which is good but my pants and other things keep falling down. not cool. well Im not gonna lie it is kinda cool.

BTW do you see how white my carpet is? I had to keep putting my finds on the spots so yall did not have to see them. lol Thank gosh for that carpet cleaner.

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