Saturday, June 12, 2010

yard sale Finds!

Love this was $7 but I ask and she said $5

The Rug Dr. is brand new that and 4 book was $1 Score! 
I have been using vinger water to clean my floors!

The food prossser was $1

Well blogger is taking forever to up load so this is what I got today minus about 12 classic looking books I got for .25¢ each. I hope I can sell the books for a lil profit but if not its ok because my children can read them and some are the same book I had as a kid.
Also me and my friend was talking about how her little girl needed clothes last night so my first sale this morning was .25¢ each baby clothes for lil girls I took that as a sign for sure, bought 13 pieces she let me go for $3 I think she did not want to deal with change. :-) 

So I spent $13 not my greatest week but it got HOT fast and I woke up late so everything was picked through, So I just came home.

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