Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Authentic coach Purse at the yard sale!

Authentic Coach purse $15 at the yard sales! 
When I bought it I thought it was fake as a $2 bill never thought nothing of it till days later when I was putting my stuff in it and it had a leather Authenticity tag in it with so I did some research and bam it real im so happy I would never ever and I mean never have bought one out right even though I always wanted one.

vacuum $5 
total bust on this even though they said it worked. excuse the yellow spot on the floor, was hear when I moved in theirs no getting it out. 
cute lil bottle
.25¢ x7
cute lil plates that about got me pulled over because I was looking to see if they where dishwasher safe as I was going down the road after I bought them! lol That cop was mean mugging me. lol

I haven't done much shopping lately but I have got the crayon deal at Kroger a couple of times I have to buy 11 because they where $1.99 But still free with a lil extra.
Also Im kicking my own ass because I had cheese coupons and I got 10 packs but was going to go back the next day till I found out it was the last day of the sale at Food lion.
Free with overage cheese is a godsend at this house wish I would have went to food lion earlier. 

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