Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Publix! Last Minute Run! Spent $2 saved $21 & My To Do List!

This was all they had left @ 9PM last night so I got a rain check!
The milk is .19¢ each after $2 blinkie!

My To Do List:
1. Erase stupid pictures like that ^one^ off my computer!
2. Do a five minute clean on my living room.
3. Laundry I have 1.5 loads to finish. 
4.Find winter cloths!
5. Make beds. 

What Ive done
1. Half a load of laundry
2. Cleaned kitchen floor
3. Set out supper.
4. Moved grill back


Steph said...

Fabulous Deals! LOVE the milk deal!! What a great find. Thanks for linking up. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous. I wanted to get the krusteaz deal and even orderd extra coupons from ebay. Well the coupons came the day after the sale. Our store was overly stocked with krusteaz products so no rainchecks. Now I'm stuck with 20 coupons. Do you think they will go on sale again any time soon? My family loves their pancakes. I wish bilo sold them. I really wish that I could have gotten a raincheck. I went to 2 publixs and they both had too many.(chrystalm)

Cheap&Sweet said...

Thanks Steph! Im sure it will go on sale again just dont know if the coupon will expire first.

Anonymous said...

I am drink that milk but its usually sooo expensive. Is that like a fourth of gallon instead of the noramal half of a gallon that they sell?

Cheap&Sweet said...

Ya its the lil ones, but they are really good! I never thought id like that kind of milk but they taste just as good to me!

Anonymous said...

I know I like them too, but the off brand version of those soemtimes arent that good. Thanks I will start buying the small ones with my two dollars off I get at publix.