Saturday, November 13, 2010

Woops Publix Paid Me $2 and Some Other Random Stuff!

Betty crocker they were out of the other kind and
 I asked If I could sub these I got a big sure with a smile
 so I knew then my trip was going to be awesome!

*8 Betty Crocker 87¢ each .50¢ - Q doubled= free+
*8 Vigo rice 99¢ each .50¢ Q - doubled = Free+
*7  Benefuls $1.89 each -$2 Q = Free+
So with my lil bit of overage I got my dog a bone! 
That should have been good enough I just forgot to
 account for my $4 off $40 competitor coupon.
So she paid me $2.33 and was very happy to do it. 
I on the other hand don't like when this happens 
I make it a rule to pay at least something.
But it happens from time to time

Stockpile from the mega event! They were all but empty before.
The Chef Boyardee was from Foodlion buy 5 save $2

Love me some cream of chicken!


Hope yall had fun shopping this week!

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