Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Men and Their Over-Sized Toys!

Has anyone found out the fascination between men and big TV's?

The bigger it is the better? Um not so much. Lets take for instance this huge 52 inch tv my husband just had to have. I went with him to check it out we had found it on craigslist. 

When it was turned on I could barley make out what was on the tv as I was standing above and beside it. The guy told me you have to sit down in front of it to get the best picture well I set down and I could defiantly see the picture better.

My husband turns to me with this shear joy look in his eyes. I was floored yes the picture was good but not great, their is no point in buying blue ray movies that for sure. So I said it looks ok but Im not so sure about the picture quality being right for us. Then the guy pops off with its to bright in here the darker it is the better picture. My husband holds on to that tidbit of info for dear life. 

well Im not a big tv watcher so I told him if he wanted it go for it, and he did. Im ok with this only because I know we can sell it for as much if not more than what we paid. The highlight of this purchase a week later when my husband wants his first blue ray experience off his new ps3. That was a lol moment for sure.

I give this TV 2 months before he wants another one with a better picture maybe also a lil smaller but not much.

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Melissa said...

LOL, men *are* over-sized toys :-)

My husband seems to be all about over-sized price tags. The more it costs, the better it must be, is his theory. Boo that.

Good deal bein's you can resell for what you gave for it.