Monday, February 28, 2011

Power Suckers!

I turn lights off all the time. I have the energy efficient bulbs. I wound why I have always thought it was my lights that ran up my bill? I realized tonight that its not the darn lights! I had a Smack my head against the wall moment. 

It these darn things, I have 3 and really could use another one just to be honest. My life is tech filled I have everything you could Imagen in a normal mid-low-class home.
Lets see
In the kitchen we have, Huge deep freezer, fridge, oven, toaster oven, microwave, Washer/dryer. When I cook its at least 1 or 2 other small appliances (food prossesor, Crockpot ect.)  I can never find enough light sockets for everything.

The living room we have tv, dvd player, ps3, wii, antanna, converter-box, 2 lamps, internet modem, wireless router, desktop pc,  laptop charger, candle crock, and 2 phone chargers! Its a wounder we dont combust.  

Bathroom, standered hair dryer and flat iorn. Not alot going on here. 

Boys room TV, dvd, PlayStation, ds chargers x2, and one lamp. 

The magic room (aka our room) 2 fans, laptop charger or 2, phone charger, and a printer.

Thier is also odds and ends like mp3 players and cameras that need the occasional charge im sure I am missing  more.

Why in the world  was I always thinking it was the lights? I have know Idea, but I will be rethinking what is staying plugged in. I know I can at least get rid of 30% and only use that 30% when needed. I have heard that things still suck power even when not in use. So do you have any ideas about how I could cut back?


Holly said...

Make sure you unplug things like the toaster, your cell phone chargers, other small appliances, when you are not actually using them. We are trying to do that around our house.

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Frugal and Coupon Crazy in the Riverbend said...

I am always turning off light behind people in my house

Christy said...

I have no small appliances plugged in in the kitchen - that includes the microwave.