Thursday, March 10, 2011

Possibly free+ kids toothbrushes at wallgreens

Oral-B kids battery toothbrush On clearance at my store for $2.19 use $3 off power toothbrush P&G 2/27!

 I had already used all my coupons but I thought it was still a great deal so I got 2 for my kiddos I love so much. The best part they just watched this movie with my husband a few days ago so they are super exited to use them!  Plus they always wanted a power one like mommy.

But my youngest did bring up a great question! How we gonna tell who's is who's? LOL!

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Melissa said...

I never did find any clearance TBs at my Wags.

One time when we ended up with twin TBs, I put those little Tupperware cups - sippy cups I think, without the lid - on the shelf for them to park their TB in. The cups were different colors so they knew which was theirs, plus they used the cup for rinsing.