Friday, July 15, 2011

My Yard Sale Finds! 7/15/11

The Life of a flipper.. OK just had to use that word because I just realized that is what I am a flipper!

I dont even have a girl...
But I am on the phone with a lady who does.
And she will gladly pay me $25
Sound like a PRO-FIT to me!
Yes that is how I like to say profit! lol
And that just paid for my whole day of junk shopping.

sell or keep?
When i'm not sure what to do with it, 
I just try and sell it for a larger amount 
This works out in my faver from time to time.

This was a dud on eBay
As was this

$2 Vtech Vsmile
I am hoping this one will turn out ok.

F-14 remote control jet over 2 feet long I saw a kitty one
 on eBay for $130 or so but I cant find this one so I may just craigslist it.
It looks like a pain to ship anyway.
The Letter People complete reader system
on Amazon for $44 

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