Friday, July 8, 2011

One yard sale

Pottery Barn Vase $4

Erector set $1
Same one on eBay trying to sell for $69 and $12 Shipping! 

Really lady?
My first Yard Sale Of the day and I was ready to blow my top. Im not one to get mad in a situation quite the other way around. But today it was my turn, After being evilly stared down the whole time and getting  rejected for my counter offer in a hateful way. I was done ready to pay and be on my way, but I had change and a lot of it so I asked if she needed change Her son jumped in and sounded so grateful that I offered change I was glad I did, but she was so hateful about it even though it was just quarters. Not like I gave her $5 in pennies and nickles! She recounted it every 4 quarters I gave her My last 4 she said I think we are short here, Man I about hit the roof! Im not sure why I guess when you go out of your way to be a good person and someone makes out like you are trying to rip them off for a quarter or two, it makes me angry! Lucky for me I move on quick! :-)

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