Saturday, July 2, 2011

With $17 Bucks In My Pocket I All Got This!

I left out this morning with $17 in my pocket. I decided that was enough to keep me away from the ATM. I should have Known I'd want more yard sale money, but I stuck to my guns and did not hit up the ATM, (as much as I wanted to) and yes I am proud of myself!

Here are my finds!

Let me break down my pile of finds.

Second stop first find $1 candle. 
She had star wars pez dispensers for 10
 I almost choked they were used no candy
 I said .10c? She was like no dollars. LMAO

$2 each! They both look almost new!

.50c each for the clothes and $1 for 2 sets of curtains. 

Complete King Sheet Set New $2
I needed these bad!

.25c things for eBay all but the top shirt!

.25c play shoes. 

My last yard sale and my last $5
Timberlines Shoes!
I'm gonna throw in a couple of things I got 3 weeks ago it wasn't enough for a whole blog post.

Swiss Gear Backpack $3
Might sell on eBay.

Nike stretch Book-covers .50c
 Star wars school stuff .25c 

Hope everyone has an awesome 4th oh July!


Melissa said...

You are the most awesome yard sale shopper evah!

Cheap&Sweet said...

Well Thanks that means a lot coming from the best coupon shopper ever!

Casey said...

I love yard sales. To bad you don't live close we could be yard sale buddies.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Ya Casey if we lived close id take you up on that offer, gas is just to high.