Friday, August 5, 2011

Last 2 Weeks of Sales! Lots of Pics!

I have more pillows than case's so this is a great find!

Prop up pillow for me that ended up in the kids room.
They look a lot better than the pic.

Game cube with 11 games

Tony Hawk Belt! Score! My son needed this for school!
Heating pad I need this about once a month. 
Large corning ware casserole, they had a smaller one I am kicking myself for not getting.
I thought of this to put all my big kitchen utensil's in.

Lane Bryant outfit for me!
Five 1963 Jack and Jill mags!
$1 each
4 School
Love my new bag!


Melissa said...

As usual, you did fantastic!

On things like the Gamecube, do you ask them to show you it works, or just take the gamble?

Cheap&Sweet said...

I just ask if it works and hope for honesty. I can only remember 2 times this did not work out once was 8 years ago and I was fighting mad so it must have cost me a pretty nickle cant remember the details, but the last time was about a month ago on a dvd player that was $5.